Studying Market-Oriented, Property-Rights Approaches to Innovation

Directed By:
Stephen H. Haber (primary investigator)

Core Components:

Intellectual Property and Innovation
The ways laws, rules, and norms can help private and public sectors work to facilitate the complex processes of innovation and its commercialization

Corporate Governance and Securities Regulation
The ways individuals can order their private affairs within collective organizations, or firms, and the ways in which governments can regulate securities markets

Property Rights, Finance, and Developing Economies
The role of property rights in intangible assets in the developing world

Market structure and performance and the ways antitrust regimes can best promote competition

The ways the possibility of bankruptcy can influence the way business deals are structured, even at the earliest stages of a venture


The Project on Commercializing Innovation is succeeded by the Hoover IP2 Working Group on Intellectual Property, Innovation,  and Prosperity.